Let Your Skin Glow

Seeking instant and long-term result? We offer a wide selection of skincare solutions.

Let Your Skin Glow

We offer a wide selection of skin care solutions.

Achieve Skin Care Wellness Through Our Skin Care Services


Maria has been taking great care of my skin for almost 10 years now. I love the individualized attention she gives to each client. I've had lots of compliments on my skin. All I can say is "It's all Maria"! LLE

I have a teenage daughter who is beginning to struggle with acne breakouts and Maria at Lasting Impressions has been a life-saver for her. My daughter is very athletic, which is probably exacerbating her problem, and upon consultation Maria recommended the LED Acne Facial Treatment. We tried it and were very impressed - this treatment gives my daughter immediate results on a regular basis. She does a series of two sessions one week apart when she is having a flare up and her skin will remain clear and glowing for an extended period of time. It has been the boost she needs to help her manage her skin, and Maria has been great with educating my daughter on the importance of washing and wearing sunscreen....basically she has taught my daughter all of the things that she won't listen to mom about, and I'm happy! Thank you Maria, I don't know what we would have done without you. DKS

I’ve spent a great deal of time outdoors training for races, and over the years have developed some skin issues, milia being a major problem and various spots on my face. I was introduced to Maria at Lasting Impression and the rest is history. We started with personalized facials, customized based on skin care needs (and continue to do so) and in between incorporated Zen Facials, and Mixed Berry Polish with organic Stemcells has really been a “Wow” treatment with amazing results. With Maria’s knowledge & experience, along with regularly scheduled facials, my skin feels healthier, and looks so much smoother. Thank you Maria! JPV

Walking into Lasting Impressions Salon is like walking into a pristine spa experience with restful music & soothing scents. Maria has a long standing reputation & is totally professional. I have gone to her for ten years & have never had a bad experience. HC

Lasting Impression: Invigorating Skin Care Services

Welcome to Lasting Impression Corrective Skin Care.

Our team is made up of trained estheticians who can address any and all skin care needs, leading to health and wellness of the skin. Our professionalism, experience, and client care make us one of your top choices for estheticians in the area!

Everyone’s skin is different and complex, which means that you might experience a number of skin care concerns over the span of your life, and that’s okay and very normal. That is why we are here. We like to “Do it right.” From younger clients to more seasoned clients, we love and have a passion for what we do. Our professionals focus on skin health and wellness first. We don’t short change our clients. We make a real difference on everyone’s skin.

We want everyone to understand that facials are not a luxury but a necessity. We effectively treat acne, discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. We will educate our clients on skin care, so you can make better choices for optimal skin health. Whichever skin issues you are experiencing, we can make a real difference. We can help you on your journey to a healthy, glowing skin!